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Nice Replica Panerai’s Luminor

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The news that the fake Panerai has been making so much noise recently about their smaller, dressier pieces, we won’t forget they can flip the switch to full-on beast made so easy while the requirements come by. Moreover, they don’t come much more beastly than this mighty 47mm Submersible, looking the business in unpolished black ceramic and brushed titanium …
Way back in 2019, Panerai released the PAM 389, a big, 47mm titanium beast with antimagnetic innards and an oh-so-sexy ceramic bezel. This great diver is a watch in keeping with Panerai’s core values. Last year, we’ve got a new and upgraded version of this Luminor Submersible.
Actually, it’s unchanged in function and appearance: it’s still the same Luminor 1950 case, complete with that iconic crown guard. The bezel is still ceramic, with those outstanding recessed interval markers and huge lume pip at 12. But there’s still a little changed. For instance, the dial proportions have been given minor modifications — slightly fatter hour markers and a bright blue seconds hand, for example. The major change is the one beneath the dial.

This PAM is packing the newest in-house automatic movement, the P.9010, providing three days of power reserve across two barrels and an hour hand that can be adjusted in one-hour increments. This movement is still safely ensconced behind a soft iron Faraday cage, as indicated by the Antimagnetic text on the dial.

These are other specifications that upgrade the functionality and legibility of this Submersible without compromising the typical replica Panerai aesthetics of the piece, which is good news all ’round. And while the trend has shifted away from supersized 47mm monsters like this, it’s a significant part of the replica Panerai’s heritage and will always occupy a crucial position in their heart, particularly when that case is made from lightweight brushed titanium.