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Luxury Rolex GMT-Master Replica Watch

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The second generation of the brand’s aviation-themed timepiece, the luxury replica Rolex GMT-Master, had a long and outstanding life. Launched in 1959, it served with great distinction all the way up to 1980; a prolific run of more than 20 years that secures it as one of the easier vintage Rolexes to find, and a gateway into the world of typical watch collecting. 
However, all GMT-Masters are not made equal and the subject we have here is a really exceptional example. Read on below to learn more about this singular piece.
Similarly, the fake Rolex has made extremely limited numbers of co-branded watches for certain entities throughout its history, to present as a particular gift or as recognition for noteworthy deeds. The bestower of these favors range from Middle Eastern royalty to military forces to top professional operations. When French commercial diving specialists Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises collaborated with the fake Rolex on the Sea-Dweller, the resulting watches presented to their elite group of divers each had the legend COMEX imprinted on the dial, making them something of a grail watch among collectors.
But together with these specialized examples, some top profile retail businesses have also graced their top performers and most loyal employees with the replica Rolex watches emblazoned with their company logo.
Apparently, the special dials distinguish these particular fake watches, giving them a real sense of exclusivity and a corresponding premium in price.
Our privately labeled 1675 is one of the last of the series, emerging in 1979. The first of the GMT-Master references to feature a crown guard, the early pointed, or El Cornino, features have made way for the more rounded guards of later years. Meanwhile, it has the red 24-hour hand, topped with the huge triangle that is correct for the era.
The bezel, that most recognizable of attributes with its iconic blue and red Pepsi color scheme, has been replaced at service and gives the watch a look almost as pristine as when it was made nearly 40 years ago. The aluminum insert superseded the former Bakelite surround at the start of the GMT’s second generation. From the mid-sixties on, the company switched to matte dials as we see on our Mark IV example from the seventies, and the tritium-filled indexes and hands have aged to a beautiful cream. 
But it’s the detail on the dial, just above the six o’clock index, that puts this watch in another league among collectors. The logo of the AB Trucking Company sits atop the GMT-Master name, identifying this as one of just a handful of pieces given out by the firm to its longest-serving personnel.